10 Most Popular North Indian Sweets

Posted On: 2022-04-20 09:21 AM

10 Most Popular North Indian Sweets


We know how tempting it is for the real foodies to end the full course meal with a delicious dessert, preferably offered in the form of a sweet! I stand corrected – not just the foodies, but almost every one of us love sweets and keep scouting for occasions to buy, make or distribute them.

The choice of sweets varies across the different regions of our country. Let’s have a look at the 10 most Popular North Indian sweets.

1.     Ghevar:  Ghevar is a Rajasthani delicacy and one of the most popular North Indian sweets. It is made up of refined flour, ghee, cold water, dry fruits, and silver flakes to garnish. The batter is prepared with cold ice water/ice and then it is carefully poured into hot ghee in a round shaped vessel to give it a round shape. Then with a pipe like utensil, a hole is carefully made in between and then some more batter is poured, giving it an intricate honey comb like pattern. Then it is immersed into sugar syrup, and garnished with either thickened milk (rabri), dry fruits, silver flakes and sometimes rose petals.

2.     Churma: It is another very popular North Indian sweets; especially in Rajasthan and catching up in other states such as Haryana. It is made up of various types of crumbled bread (baati) and mashed with ghee, sugar, cardamom. People in Haryana eat it with roti or paratha. In Rajasthan, it takes form of a special dish named dal baati churma.

3.     Gujiya: Gujiya is a famous North Indian sweet, which is traditionally prepared during the Holi festival. It comes in a crescent shape like sweet with filling of khoya (thickened milk solids), dry fruits, sugar, cardamom, and desiccated coconuts (optional). The cover of Gujiya is made up of all purpose flour and after filling the materials, it is either baked or fried in ghee. Sometimes, it is also garnished with chandi warq and saffron.

4.     Gajak: It is another popular North Indian sweet made of jaggery and sesame seeds. Gajak is mostly consumed during the winter season as it is said to keep your body warm. It’s either made in square or round, prepared around the harvesting time and consumed during festivals like khichdi in North; and Pongal in South. It can be stored for a few months and sometimes the jaggery is substituted with sugar.


5.     Kulfi Falooda: Kulfi Falooda is one of the most famous North Indian Desserts. It is eaten especially in summer to give you a chill feel and it is served along with falooda noodles, garnished with some dry fruits. Kulfi is prepared from slow simmered milk which is flavored with rose water, pistachios, and saffron. It can also be prepared at home during summer and you can also find it in some traditional restaurants and street stalls.

6.     Boondi: Boondi is a very popular sweet dish which is generally served in marriages or special occasions. It comes in small round shaped balls made up of gram flour (besan). A thick batter of gram flour is prepared and sieved into the hot oil with the help of a sieve, dipped in sugar syrup and served. It is also used to create boondi laddoos. It is prepared in both sweet and savory flavor. The savor ones are used in raitas known as boondi raita and in salads.

7.     Gajar ka Halwa: It is perhaps the most popular sweet dish. This North Indian Dessert is made up of grated carrot, sugar, cardamom, dry fruits, and khoya (thickened milk solids). It is prepared in ghee and milk. This rich dish originated in North India but now it is famous throughout India and consumed with much delight. It can be either consumed hot or chilled. It is usually made in the winter season and is a must sweet dish after having dinner in North India during winters.

8.     Panjiri: Panjiri is a famous North Indian sweet dish prepared with wheat flour, ghee, herbal gums, and dry fruits. It is generally made during Pooja and Havan in North India and served as a Prasad to the guests. It is also served to the women post maternity, due to its nutritional values. Sometimes, even lotus seeds or poppy seeds are also added to the panjiri.

9.     Phirni: Phirni is also a loved sweet dish in the North India. It is made with grounded rice, cooked in milk with sugar, dry fruits, almonds, pistachios, saffron, and rose water. This sweet dessert is served in a clay bowl which is also known as shikoras. It is mostly served chilled and is especially made on occasions like Diwali and Karva chauth. It is garnished with nuts such as almonds and pistas, silver flakes or chandi warq and also rose petals and saffron.


10.   Pinni: Pinni is a very famous sweet dish in North India. It is mostly made in Punjab and served with either tea or eaten as a snack in the evenings. It is made with wheat flour, ghee, dry fruits, and jaggery. It can also be accompanied with khoya, if needed. Once it’s given a shape, it is garnished with cashews, almonds, or pistachios. Pinni is stored in a refrigerator for cooling before the consumption.

While the dishes listed above originated (and are specialties) from North India, they are available and consumed all over the country. They are liked, not just by the North Indians staying in other regions of India, but also by the people of the different states of India.

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