7 Dry Fruits You Should Include In Your Diet To Boost Immunity

Posted On: 2022-01-25 10:56 AM

7 Dry Fruits You Should Include In Your Diet To Boost Immunity

While the world dreams of going back to the pre-corona times, the coronavirus is showing no signs of backing down. The introduction of the 'Omicron' strain has stirred the conversation back to immunity boosting.

Dry fruits are a nutrient-dense food. They contain protein and essential oils that have various health benefits and are also rich in calcium and potassium. Every dry fruit you include in your diet contains nutrients that aid your body to function more efficiently. The antioxidants present in dry fruits help fight infections and illnesses. Vitamin C, D, E & vitamin B12 are the vitamins that help in strengthening immunity and keeping diseases at bay. If you want to boost your immunity without compromising on taste, here are some immunity-boosting dry fruits you should consider adding to your diet:


Benefits of Eating Almonds

Almonds are considered to be one of the healthiest nuts of all. By containing large amounts of protein and being one of the few Vitamin B12 rich dry fruits, almonds are highly recommended to adults and children alike. They are high in vitamin E content, a powerful antioxidant that protects your cells from free radical damage. Brown nuts are also high in iron, which is necessary for immune health. 5-6 soaked and peeled almonds in the morning can boost immunity, reduce inflammation, and lower the risk of developing chronic diseases. Almonds and peanuts are two of the most vitamin B12-rich dry fruits.


Key Benefits:

    Helps in maintaining blood pressure levels.

    Beneficial for weight loss regimes.

    They can boost one’s immunity and promote good health.


Apricots’s Health Benefits

A single serving of Apricots can satisfy around 47 percent of your daily vitamin A requirements. Apricots are immunity-boosting dry fruits that are high in potassium, vitamin E, and copper. All antioxidant vitamins - A, E, and C are critical in securing cells from any radical damage that can be caused. Apricots are particularly beneficial during the summers when the sun is at its peak.  Dried apricots are beneficial to the skin, eyes, and immune system by aiding in the fight against internal infections.

Key Benefits:

    Supports immune health and may reduce the risk of a stroke.

    Good for healthy vision maintenance.

     Helps achieve healthy skin


Walnuts - Immunity-Boosting Dry Fruits

Walnuts or Akhrot dry fruits are single-seeded, hard stone-like fruits that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and proteins. Their numerous health benefits should motivate you to add Akhrot dry fruits to your daily diet. Walnuts dry fruits are commonly consumed for improving brain health and function, are also beneficial for boosting immunity. These nutrients are anti-inflammatory, which lower the risk of heart disease and cancer. They boost immunity and metabolic rate.


Key Benefits:

    Aids in the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

    Promotes gut health.

    Helps in weight control.


Dates’ Heath Benefits

Dry dates are high in digestive fiber and can help you stay full for a long time by suppressing your cravings. This iron-rich fruit also contains antioxidants such as - Phenolic acid and Carotenoids, which have a variety of health benefits. Phenolic acid is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.  Carotenoids have been shown to improve heart health and may lower the risk of eye disorders such as macular degeneration. Dates are also vitamin C dry fruits.


Key Benefits:

    Helps reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.

    Aids in strengthening one’s immune system.

    Lowers the risk of eye disorders.



Cashews - Crunchy, Healthy Dry Fruits

Cashews are well-known across India for their delicious flavor and creamy texture. These immunity-boosting dry fruits can be added to the main course or just be snaked upon.  They contain a lot of vitamin E, vitamin B6, protein, and magnesium for your body. Cashews, which are high in copper and iron, help your body produce more red blood cells and improve immune health. Cashews are also a good snack for people trying to lose weight because they help the body expend more energy even when it is at rest. These nuts are an excellent source of magnesium, zinc, and antioxidants, all of which are important nutrients for our overall health. Grab a handful of cashews if you don't want to fall ill.


Key Benefits:

    Improves immune health.

    Aids in improving bone health.

    Helps in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.


Wholesome Benefits of Pistachios

Pistachios can be a good option for people who have a habit of constantly snacking. Pistachios can dissolve hunger by suppressing your appetite. they also have a high concentration of oleic acid and vitamin E, as well as copper, manganese, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, selenium, and zinc. The presence of antioxidants such as carotene and polyphenols gives this salty immunity-boosting dry fruit anti-inflammatory properties. Having good Arginine and vitamin B6 content, heart-shaped nuts provide numerous health benefits. These nutrients increase blood flow by carrying oxygen through the bloodstream to cells, and Vitamin B6 is helpful for women managing PMS symptoms.

Key Benefits:

    Aids in losing weight.

    May help in regulating blood pressure and cholesterol

    Prevents adverse cell damage


Raisins - Nutrient Rich Dry Fruits

Raisins are dried grapes with a sweet and sour flavor. They are an immunity-boosting dry fruit that are extremely nutritious. The best thing about raisins is that they are inexpensive and versatile, and are used widely in the preparation of Indian sweets. The fruit's antibacterial properties give it the ability to keep you safe from viruses and other seasonal ailments. Furthermore, because of their high iron content, they are highly beneficial to menstruating women. Raisins are a good source of iron. A daily handful of raisins can be beneficial to one's digestive system.


Key Benefits:

    Helps in the treatment of Anemia.

    Keeps you safe from fevers, viruses, and other seasonal ailments.

    Aids in the treatment of acidity and constipation. has a variety of tasty immunity-boosting dry fruits for you to choose from. Visit our website to buy them now.