A Big Boost for the Indian Spicy Products in the USA

Posted On: 2022-03-23 10:09 AM

A Big Boost for the Indian Spicy Products in the USA

Why are Americans so Enamored with Indian Products?

The global demand for Indian products has grown significantly over the last decade. There's no wonder that India, after China, has been the leading manufacturer of abundant goods and resources for many years. The Indian products market is establishing its distinct position throughout the world, particularly in the United States.

From organic products to handicrafts, Americans are increasingly discovering that Indian products are natural, authentic, and high quality. People in the United States and around the world are raving about the organic products exported from India as they find that Indian organic products are pure and natural instead of chemical products that harm the environment and our health.

Heavy Demand for Indian Spices in the US

There is no place in the world where the demand for spices is greater than in the United States, which leads both in terms of imports and consumption.

Pandemic spurred an increase in the demand for the Indian spices in the European and American markets due to their medicinal properties. Most nutraceuticals possess immunity-boosting properties, making them ideal food ingredients. The Indian market for spices is quite large.

The principal reason why the Indian spices are so sought after in the US market is that they are not grown there. It is not that they cannot produce these things, but rather that big agriculture is more concerned with things like corn and soybeans.

Listed below are some of Indian products that are ruling the roost in the US market:

·      Spices and consumables

·      Organic products

·      Seafood

·      Processed fruits and vegetables

·      Extracts of vegetables

·      Toys and sports goods

·      Accessories

·      Precious metal

·      Electronic equipment

·      Machinery

There are a few top-selling products in the United States that are imported from India. India has long been regarded as a treasure trove of gems, pearls, cut and uncut diamonds, other valuable metals, and jewelry. India has a huge export market for organic products, owing to the presence of traditional Ayurvedic experts in this country.

Purity is the highest quality of things, which include:

·      Spices from the kitchen

·      Ayurvedic products and medicinal herbs

·      Natural cosmetics for skin, hair, and body

Since ancient times, India has had many creative artisans.

·      Textiles

·      Unique Designs

·      Handmade fabrics, fashion apparel, and leather goods

·      Tops for Footwear

It is especially beneficial for weavings of Banaras Silk, Mulberry Silk, Ikat, Chikankari embroidery, Kanjivaram, Pochampally, Patola, and many other pristine weavings that can only be made in India, so those have a huge potential market in the USA.

Export growth potential for India to the US

India (Bharat) exporters and e-commerce sellers want to sell their products in the United States, which is their #1 priority because of the good ROI there. Also, both countries share the same level of the democratic environment along with a few tax formalities.

In India, MSMEs (micro, small, and medium enterprises) are now able to sell internationally through government initiatives such as Marketing Assistance Scheme, Make in India, as well as e-commerce export programs like Amazon Global Selling. A global selling initiative by Amazon encourages Indian sellers to export goods to the U.S., among other countries, by helping them with various steps of export registration.

Home décor and textiles, leather goods, and consumables are among the most popular items on Amazon USA's marketplace. There are more Indian sellers on Amazon USA than any of Amazon's 18 marketplaces, and sellers can export to the United States without a great deal of hassle.

Indian businesses in the US: Factors affecting their growth

There is a great deal of demand for Indian products in the US. However, they do not meet the tough quality and quantity requirements set by the US. The US stipulates quality and systematically at competitive rates. Furthermore, US orders are not always in bulk. It's as if most items exported from the United States to India are mixed on a need-to-know basis, or that orders are lost.

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