A List of Instant Food Items

Posted On: 2022-03-02 08:06 AM

A List of Instant Food Items

Factors driving the ready-to-eat cook food market in India

Nowadays, consumer habits and buying behaviors have drastically changed. Increasing urbanization, the shift from joint families to nuclear families, changes in jobs and businesses, time constraints, conveniences, and lifestyle changes  have contributed to the consumer's preference for ready-to-eat/instant foods over fresh and healthy foods.

Instant food is easier to prepare and requires less energy.  The quick-to-use food products are packaged and prepared in such a way that little or no preservatives need to be added or added after consumption. The ready to cook food is increasingly used in supermarkets and hypermarkets, traditional grocery stores, online retailers, convenience stores, and other industries. In addition to this, the increasing preference for convenience food, the expansion of retail chains, and new products. Coupled with this,  instant food can be used at any time by gently heating it.

The market grew steadily in 2020, and with key players adopting new strategies, the global "Instant Food Market" is forecast to grow at a steady pace during the forecast period 2021-2027.

At the same time, diabetes and obesity are health concerns that are posing a challenge to market growth. As instant food items contain a high level of fat, health-conscious consumers tend to avoid them. This is the reason why the younger generations turned to online food stores during the pandemic not only for entertainment but also for food inspiration.

The resurgence of the instant food market in the backdrop of Covid 19

Recent COVID-19 outbreaks and the current economic downturn have altered the statistics of many global markets. Like every other sector, the instant food market too bore the brunt of Covid 19. To halt COVID-19's rapid spread across the globe, governments took drastic measures, including lockdowns, border closures, and strict social distancing protocols.

However, the prevalence of Covid shows signs of a declining trend in recent months, the food-to-go sales across the globe are recovering faster than expected - that's good news for us.

Food packs that are ready-to-eat and instant

Although there are many segments for ready-to-eat foods in India, here are 5 of the most popular ones.

  • Instant Noodles:  Maggi, one of  the popular brands of packaged instant noodles in India, has returned to the market after being lifted from a ban. It is again available at some of India's biggest retailers, including Future Group and Big Bazaar.
  • Sunfeast YiPPee, ITC: Sunfeast's Yippee noodles are now available in a variety of flavors, and they can also be purchased from online grocery stores such as BigBasket in India. ITC's noodles segment brand is made from Aashirvaad atta and comes in four delectable flavors.
  • MTR Foods: MTR offers a variety of delicious North Indian and South Indian recipes to give you a taste of food that tastes like freshly made from scratch. MTR's product line includes ready-to-eat curries and different instant rice items, ready-to-eat cook gravies, the varied flavor of the soup, paneer tikka, instant mixes, spices, and more.
  • Instant Soups: Knorr is one of the best brands for instant soup packs, offering a variety of soup options. The soup made of vegetables lets you savor a rich bowl of nourishing food. In case you're a chicken soup lover, there are plenty of choices available. To infuse your soup with an authentic taste of Shangai, this soup pack contains dehydrated vegetables, sugar, dehydrated chicken, noodles, vegetable oil, spices, and other product ingredients.
  • Ready-to-cook Meat Products: Venky’s brings you India's best assortment of fresh and instant cook meat products, including customer favorites like Chicken Meat Balls, Chicken Lollipops, and Chicken Franks are prepared with a unique blend of spices and Indian herbs. As an alternative snacking option, these can also be flame-grilled or grilled in pans.

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