Best Traditional Andhra Sweets Online

Posted On: 2022-01-12 05:23 AM

Best Traditional Andhra Sweets Online

With the season of Makar Sankranti around the corner, nostalgia fills us as we remember our childhood. Running around the kitchen with our kites and manja, stealing fresh-made laddus, as the grownups drive us out. These happy memories are relived every time we are hit with the aroma of our traditional Andhra sweets. We have shortlisted our favorite Andhra sweets for you to celebrate this Makar Sankranti with.

1.    Bandar Laddu

Bandar laddu traces its origins to the quaint town of Bandar or Machilipatnam, situated in Andhra Pradesh, which is also where it gets its name from. Bandar Laddus is a famous andhra sweet having a sweet aroma that can make anyone’s mouth water and melts in your mouth not long after you eat it.

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2.    Ariselu

Ariselu is one of the traditional Telugu sweets made for festivals such as Sankranti and Diwali. This sweet is prepared across south India along with in Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, and Oriya.

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3.    Rava Laddu

This traditional Andhra sweet is the perfect amalgamation of Rava (Suji/semolina), Ghee, Sugar, cardamom, desiccated coconut, and a garnish of dry fruits. The fragrance of Rava Ladoos has the power to teleport you to the times when  Sankranti was celebrated at Grandma’s house.

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4.    Sunnundalu

Sunnundalu is a laddu made with urad dal, sugar or jaggery, and desi ghee. This traditional Andhra sweet is not just unmatched in taste but is also rich in nutrients such as calcium. Sunnundalu tops the must-eat Sankranti sweet list.

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5.    Kakinada Kaja

A hard, dry exterior that oozes sugar syrup with every bite, is a true depiction of the spirit of Telugites. Hailing from the Kakinada town, also which the sweet is named after, is a Traditional Andhra sweet that has made its way into homes across South India.

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6.    Kajjikayalu

The Kajjikayalu is a Telugu sweet, a version of the famous Gujiya made in northern India. Traditionally a filling made of coconut, semolina, sugar, cardamom powder, and raisins is wrapped in flat dough made either of maida or wheat flour, then fried till crisp. It is the perfect addition to the sweet spread for any occasion.

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7.    Gavvalu

Emerging from the heart of Andhra Pradesh, we have the traditional Andhra sweet, Gavvalu. A dough made from all-purpose flour or wheat flour, mixed with milk or water, is rolled into the shape of cowrie shells (Gavvalu in Telugu). These are deep-fried in Ghee and then dipped in sugar syrup, giving them a coat of sugar. They make for great snacks, occasion or not!

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8.    Gulabilu

A perfect snack for every occasion is the Gulabilu. This Telugu version of a Rose cookie is found at the table of most festivals, from Sankranki to Christmas. Made across south India with essentially the same ingredients, a special mold in which the batter is fried gives it the petal shape.

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9.    Kobbari Kova

The classic Andhra Sweet, Kobbari Kova is a laddu, filled with Kova (Koya) inside a jaggery-coconut laddu. The ingredients used in their preparation are from where these laddus derive their name. 

10. Boorelu

Also called Poornalu, this traditional Telugu sweet is a staple of every occasion. This ball of deliciousness is achieved traditionally with a rice- urad dal batter, stuffed with channa dal, dry fruits, and jaggery. This deep fried until crisp and golden, served with a side of ghee.

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11. Nuvvula Undalu

The Andhra sweet Nuvvula Undalu is a festive sweet made across the country under different names. The Telugu version Nuvvula Undalu translates to Sesame seed laddu. This calcium-rich sweet wins over hearts across generations.

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12. Putharekulu

If you ever wondered what sugar-coated paper tastes like, The Telugu sweet Putharekulu is a must-eat sweet for you. The wafer-thin, melt in your mouth sheets are rolled with a layer of sugar/ jaggery and dry fruits to give it a flavor that is authentically Andhra. 

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