Enhance The Taste of Your Meal with Andhra Pickles

Posted On: 2021-01-15 07:18 AM

Enhance The Taste of Your Meal with Andhra Pickles

Andhra Pradesh is known for the harvest of raw mangoes and Guntur chilies, which are used in making tangy and spicy mango pickles. All the lentils and curries we eat are deliciously cooked, but a spoonful of Andhra pickles will add a zing to the taste. And not just Mango Pickle, the range of Andhra pickles is the most interesting one; you can find Garlic Pickle, Gonghura Pickle, Red Chilli Pickle, Green Chilli Pickle, Lemon Pickle, Ginger Pickle, Mutton Pickle, Crab pickle, Chicken pickle, Prawns Pickle, and many other vegetarian, non-vegetarian pickles.

These pickles are famous not just in India but overseas as well. Let us explore the variety of Andhra pickles-

Coriander Pickle - You heard that right, Coriander has a new job to work as a pickle. Try adding this pickle with your boring meals and see what fun your taste buds will have after a bite.

Ginger Pickle - Another vegetable turned into a pickle is ginger. Made with Andhra's famous Guntur chilies and ginger, this pickle will let you feel the elevated taste of ginger in a new avatar.

Amla Pickle - Perfect for kids who love pickles but hate the taste of raw Amla. This pickle is made with all the spices that make it yummy.

Tomato Pickle - Tomatoes have ditched the salad job, now they come as a pickle. Jokes apart, don’t forget to get your hands on this tangy and spicy tomato pickle that will instantly wake up your taste buds.

Boneless Chicken Pickle - Need we say more? Chicken in the form of pickle, and that too this yummy! Jazz your plain Khichdi with this pickle and witness the magic that your taste buds will experience.

Fish Pickle - You had enough of fish curry, it’s time to get your hands on fish pickle made with love and all the spices of Andhra. This flavorsome pickle is a must try to spice up your regular meals.

Prawn Pickle - Prawns have a new life, and now they are being born as pickles instead of curry. So, when are you ready, try this pickle and get excited by the peppery taste.

All these pickles are not just tasty but also give your meals a whole new life. These Andhra pickles are either made by Andhra’s famous local and regional brands or by home-chefs. To ensure you a great taste and the best price, order vegetarian and non-vegetarian pickles from At, you will get a variety of Andhra pickles from a range of sellers to suit your budget; you can get them delivered to your home or office at the click of a button.