Going Vegan – Not Just a Fad, but a Way of Life

Posted On: 2021-01-27 11:00 AM

Going Vegan – Not Just a Fad, but a Way of Life

Being Vegan is not just a change in diet; it’s a major change in one’s lifestyle and requires a significant commitment from the individual. So, when someone tells you that he/she is a Vegan or uses only Vegan Friendly food products, what exactly does it mean? Following a Vegan diet means avoiding any product that comes from an animal, or has an ingredient that comes from an animal or any product that is tested on animals. Products such as meat, eggs, milk, curd/yoghurt, butter, ghee, cheese and even honey are a strict no-no for those following a Vegan diet, as they believe that such products inflict cruelty on animals.


Vegan Products are Popular in Many Countries


Vegan lifestyle is already popular in Europe and other western countries and there are plenty of Vegan Friendly products to select from at supermarkets. Following a Vegan diet has many health benefits too. More and more individuals in India are turning towards a Vegan diet, but unfortunately, there is not much awareness amongst the general population. The absence of products in India clearly marked as Vegan Friendly or Suitable for Vegans straitjackets one into a very narrow food selection. One needs to really guess if the food product is really qualified as Vegan Friendly.


Plant Based Pickles, Namkeen are Naturally Vegan Friendly


Following a Vegan diet does not mean renouncing all your favorite foods; in fact, a vast majority of food products in India such as pickles, chutneys, podi powders, flour and dry fruit namkeen are made using only plant-based ingredients and oil extracted from seeds and hence are naturally Vegan Friendly. Many of the sweets that do not use ghee but are made from flour, dry fruits, fruits and sugar only are also Vegan Friendly.


Order Best Vegan Food Products Online India


The good news is that you can now order all your favorite Vegan food products on online Vegan grocery shops or online Vegan Dukan as they say in Hindi, such as There is no guesswork required; all products that are Vegan Friendly are clearly marked as such so that you can order 100% Vegan products such as Vegan Indian Pickles, Vegan Instant Indian Food Mix, Vegan Indian Namkeen confidently. These products are from quality sellers from all over India and may not be available in your local super markets. The best part is that you can order them from the comfort of your home at seller listed MRP and have them delivered to your doorstep.