How Can I Know Which Namkeen is Suitable for Jains?

Posted On: 2023-02-02 02:59 AM

How Can I Know Which Namkeen is Suitable for Jains?

Jains have several restrictions on their diet. They are vegetarians as per their religious ideology but there is something mode. You can say their diets are “nonviolence” vegetarian. They don’t eat root vegetables, animal ingredients, fish, or eggs, and eat meat. Jainism is based on the principle of “ahimsa”. This principle is applied to all aspects of their lives – mental, physical, social, and verbal. Jains strictly avoid root vegetables such as onion and garlic. So, the namkeens they prefer are devoid of root vegetables and course, animal ingredients. So, how can I know which namkeen is suitable for Jains? This is now easy – Jain special namkeens are available online.

Jains are idealist non-vegetarian

If you have Jain friends or acquaintances, you know it better. Their list of non-eatable products is quite long. So, when you invite them home or present them with some food items, be careful about what you arrange or buy for them. But, buying namkeens for your Jain friends, relatives, colleagues, or acquaintances is not a big issue now. Jain-specific food products including varieties of tasty namkeens are available online. Gone are the days, when you need to think about what to buy for them and what not, especially when some of your invitees are Jains.

Go through online marketplaces such as, you will be surprised to see the varieties of namkeens and other food items available for Jains. Do have teas together with them, and you have your favorite snacks while you can easily arrange Jain snacks online. They will be more than happy to see your gesture and hospitality.

Unity in diversity is the foundation of Indian culture. People have different choices in food, dress, and lifestyle. Top online marketplaces are the perfect places to find that ideology. When you have invited a Jain for the evening tea, order some Jain namkeens directly from beforehand.

What kinds of Jain namkeens you can buy?

A plethora of Jain namkeens is available online. Sabudana mixture, Khatta Mitha mixture, fasting peanuts, spicy Madras mixture, roasted salted peanuts, Ujjjaini poha sev, Jain podi dosa khankra, and hundreds of other qualities of namkeens or snacks are available online. These products taste excellent and are made keeping in mind what Jains eat.

Plenty of sev items are available on such as Indori Lung Sev, Kadak Sev, Ratlami Sev, Fikki Sev, etc. This marketplace has Jain products retailers attached, especially Jain Shree Sweets. They make products that Jains prefer. But other customers who love Jain food items also buy namkeens and sweets exclusively made keeping in mind the preferences of Jains.

Order online in some easy steps

Now on, don’t try to find Jain namkeens in the near marketplace. It will take your time, energy, and money. Directly go online and find varieties of namkeens for your Jains. Select what you want to buy, provide the address, pay online, and get the products delivered to your address. It is the easiest way to buy namkeens for Jains. You need not research much about what they eat and what not? You can trust online marketplaces such as