Khakra is a Famous Indian Snack

Posted On: 2022-06-24 07:10 AM

Khakra is a Famous Indian Snack

Too few snacks are as popular as Khakra in India. Originated in Gujrat but has gotten the colour of India, Khakra is a part and parcel of Indian culture. Today, it has crossed the geographical and cultural barriers to become available in other parts of the country and even abroad. Popular Indian stores in other parts of the world make it available for local Indians and Asians. A huge number of foreigners are found to pack a few boxes of Khakra while leaving India. You can now order Khakra online from popular food delivery platforms like

What Makes Khakra so Popular?

This famous Indian namkeen is easy to handle because it is completely dry from the outside. But, every bite of a piece of Khakra leaves a splendid “namkeen” taste that lasts for several minutes. After completing a piece of Khakra, you would feel completely satisfied and filled. It is not oily or spicy but all ingredients are nicely balanced in this amazing snack. That is why it is so popular among all ages of snack lovers.

How are Khakras Prepared?

This famous Gujarati namkeen is nothing but that is cooked till it becomes as crispy as papad. After preparing the flatbread it is placed on a hot plate and roasted under low heat for a long time. From time to time, it is pressed in different places with a piece of cloth or Khakra press to spread the heat evenly.

From the outside, it looks like a crispy flat roti but it’s another form of Indian snack that is prepared to relish with tea or coffee. The dough is prepared with wheat flour and several spices and salt to give it a specific taste.

Different types of Indian Khakra

Here are different types of Indian Khakra:

Multigrain Khakra  

The modern form of Khakra is made of multigrain like a combination of wheat flour, rice flour, and multiple kinds of cereal. Multigrain Khakras not only taste great but are also good for the health.


Methi Khakra

Methi is good for health for various reasons. When dried and grounded methi is added with wheat flour, the Methi Khakra prepared from it tastes awesome and makes a healthy namkeen.

Ajwain Khakra

Ajwain is good for the human digestive system. The whole ajwain is mixed with wheat flour to prepare the dough of the Khakra. Several types of spices are mixed with it to make it a nice tasty and healthy Ajwain Khakra.

Chorafali Khakra

This Khakra is prepared with some selective spices mixed with besan and urad dal. It has a splendid cherishing taste that everyone loves. Chorafali Khakra is one of the most popular forms of Khakra sold in high quantities in India and abroad.

Jeera Khakra

Jeera Khakra also tastes extremely good. This is made with whole cumin and wheat flour. Some types of pulses are added with it to make the product wholesome and tasty.

Just find different types of Khakra available on as the options are mind-blowing. The most common and popular types are veg-Khakras but there are non-veg Khakras made with onion and garlic also available.