Not Just Taj Mahal Agra Petha is Another Attraction of Agra

Posted On: 2022-06-30 07:40 AM

Not Just Taj Mahal Agra Petha is Another Attraction of Agra

If you are in Agra for visiting the Taj Mahal, find some time to visit the famous sweets shops there to buy a few packets of Agra Petha. Perhaps you know about petha. It is a famous and one of the oldest Indian sweets especially found in North India. It was first made in Agra more than 350 years ago. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

Petha is made with ash guard diced and soaked in specially prepared sugar syrup. Petha is so popular because it can be preserved at home for several weeks without compromising its sweet taste or benefits. Petha is an Indian counterpart of Western candies. It is often served with other sweets to entertain guests. In remote villages in Uttar Pradesh or Rajasthan, petha is served with a glass of water to guests or family members who have a hard time in the scorching heat outside.

What is special about Agra Petha?

As mentioned in the introduction, if there is something comparable to the Taj Mahal in Agra, it is the specially prepared petha there. Generally, it is made with ash gourd or bottle gourd soaked in sugary syrup. However, several other types of fruits or vegetables are also used in the preparation of Agra’s petha such as pumpkin and papaya.  Petha is the purest form of sweets available on earth. It contains vegetables, water, flavored sweet syrup, and nothing else. Most importantly Agra Petha carries the culture and tradition of India with an inherent message that anything natural is healthy. Today, Agra’s petha is available in different tastes and textures such as Kesari petha, mint petha, mango petha, and Angoori petha. Some distinguished manufacturers of this pure Indian sweet now add nuts and dry fruits with petha to give it a modern look and enhance its commercial appeal in the domestic and world markets.

The goodness and purity of Agra ka petha

Different varieties of Agra ka petha with varieties of flavours and tastes are available in the market as stated before. Though originated in North India, petha is now famous in other parts of the country and among NRIs all over the world. Petha is a healthy food item having multiple benefits for the body. It purifies the blood and provides some basic nutrients essential for healthy skin. Petha is like a wonder drug for many psychological illnesses. Petha is beneficial for the lungs. If anyone is suffering from asthma, Ayurveda advises eating a piece of petha with water regularly. Besides, petha is a good remedy for constipation, dehydration, and enhancing appetite.

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