Pamper Your Sweet Tooth With Dry Fruit Laddu

Posted On: 2021-01-15 07:24 AM

Pamper Your Sweet Tooth With Dry Fruit Laddu

India, a country where every happy moment is celebrated with sweets. Did you get a job? Celebrate with some Gajar ka Halwa. A friend got hitched? Congratulate him with a box of Kaju Katli. Your sister cracked NEET? Treat her with chocolates. The moments are endless, and such happening occasions require sweets to jazz up the ocassion. And among all other sweets, one sweet that is both healthy and is not any occasion oriented is dry fruit laddu.

Made from dry fruits, wheat flour, and sugar syrup, Dry Fruit Laddus are everyone’s favorite. These Laddus can be a go-to when you're running late for college or when you are really hungry. The healthiest sweet snack one can have is Dry Fruit Laddu. They come in a variety from which you can choose your favorite.

Panch Mewa Laddu - As the name suggests, these laddus are made up of five types of dry fruits - almond, cashews, raisins, muskmelon seeds, and dates. These dry fruits are tossed in pure ghee and then mixed in roasted wheat flour. Healthy and nutritious.

Khajoor Dry Fruit Laddu - These laddus are made of dates and are super yummy. Prepared with hand-picked dates that are roughly chopped and then mixed with toasted wheat flour. Some people also add finely chopped almond and cashews in these to jazz up the taste. Must try.

Gond Dry Fruit Laddu - These laddus are very popular during winter as they provide the much needed warmth and energy. Made from Dry Fruits, Wheat Flour, Pure Desi Ghee and Gond (Gum Arabic), these laddus are not only delicious, but are also a wholesome meal . Yummy.

Pinni - Another easy to make sweet from Northern India is the Pinni. Made up of desi ghee, wheat flour, jiggery and crushed dry fruits, this sweet tastes delicious.

All these sweet treats are part of the different cultures and traditions of India. To get your hands on them, you either need to find the recipe and make it yourself or you can order them right away online from the comfort of your home from Known for delivering the tastiest laddus and other sweets, has to be your go-to place. You will get a whole lot of options in dry fruit laddu on this platform that you can easily order.