Product Safety During Covid-19

Posted On: 2020-06-13 10:24 AM

Product Safety During Covid-19

The entire world is going through a tough time this year because of the Corona virus, also known as COVID-19; lockdowns have been imposed, billions of people have had their work and personal routines disrupted, places of enjoyment and popular stores have been shut. Everyone is scared just reading about the millions of people infected and the huge number of daily casualties the world over. We in India are slowly limping back after the lifting of the lockdown this month, trying to get our lives back while protecting ourselves and our loved ones. With stores, including sweet shops, finally rolling up their shutters, it is natural for us to fondly remember those moments when we enjoyed our favorite foods with our family. On one hand, it brings a smile to our lips, and on the other, we are worried if what we order is safe. With so many online options available, you should make an informed decision before placing your order. Many organizations, including W.H.O., have published guidelines on safety procedures to be followed by all. A few of these have been listed below:

·       Thorough disinfecting of premises before start of production and at the end of the shifts

·       Informing employees of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to follow before, during and at the end of every shift

·       Checking temperature of every employee before entry

·       Cleaning of exposed areas of body with soap and water

·       Wearing of gloves and masks at all times during the shift

·       Maintaining at least 6 feet of distance between two employees understands how important safety and well-being is to our customers and hence we have come up with a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for all transactions that we and all our associates – sellers and delivery – follow strictly.

Though each seller on has been carefully checked before listing a single product, in these past few days, we have spoken at length with every seller on our site to ensure that they follow the strictest hygiene at their place of manufacture and sale. All employees at each of our sellers’ premises first get their body temperature taken with a contactless thermal thermometer, then clean themselves thoroughly with soap and water. A liberal dose of sanitizer is applied on the exposed body parts and masks, gloves and hairnets are worn at all times.

We have provided all sellers (commercial and home) with our own branded food grade external packaging material such as double-layered plastic bubble envelopes and thick cardboard containers. Once an order is packed and sealed in these, it is fully tamper proof. Any attempt to open your package will be clearly noticeable.

All our home sellers have also been provided with special tamper proof food grade pouches and cardboard boxes to pack sweets, namkeen and pickles. All pickles are double packed to prevent any leakage.


We use only internationally renowned courier partners such as Blue Dart, DHL and Fedex. These companies ensure that all employees follow internationally accepted Standard Operating Procedures. This ensures that all employees wash and sanitize themselves before the start of a shift. Furthermore, all surfaces that come in contact with anyone, in their warehouse or in their vehicles, are thoroughly sanitized every day. Trained employees wearing protective gear such as masks and gloves keep a distance of at least 2 meters to ensure contactless pickup and delivery.