The Foods of Holi

Posted On: 2020-03-09 05:32 AM

The Foods of Holi

Holi, the festival of colors is here bringing with it must joy in the hearts and minds of everyone. Holi is the first festival that comes after the arrival of spring. The festival of Holi is actually spread over two days - the first day is Holi when a bonfire is lit and worshipped; the second day is Dulhedi which is when people smear each other with color. Families and stores are busy a few days before Diwali since no Holi celebration is complete without the making and sharing of delicious sweets and snacks with friends and family. Holi is the time when you can buy Holi sweets online or in stores; these include Gujiya and Meetha Sev.

While Gujiya is available year around, it is a tradition to eat this simple sweet on the occasion of Holi. Each region in India has its own version of Gujiya; in the south, it is known as Kajjikayulu. Gujiya is basically a fried stuffed dumpling; the outer shell is made from all purpose flour and the filling is a mixture of milk solids (khova), sugar and dry fruits. Sometimes, the milk solids are substituted with semolina and coconut. In many communities, Gujiya is soaked in a sugar syrup. A lot of patience is needed to make Gujiya, for preparation and frying on a low flame.  Meetha Sev are made from gram flour noodles that are extruded and fried in hot oil, then soaked in a sugar syrup and dried.

As individuals move away from home for professional reasons, the tradition of making sweets on Holi is slowly fading away. Most homes now frequent their neighborhood stores or when they want to relive the memories of their hometown, they order Gujiya online and have a batch of this iconic Holi sweet delivered to them. Meetha Sev also need to be perfectly made as the wrong consistency of the sugar syrup can make them soft. It's no wonder that fastidious individuals always order meetha sev online from their favorite sellers.

All in all, Holi is a time for fun, frolic and enjoyment, when the days are not that cold in the north and not that hot in the south. These two days are amongst the small pleasures one can get whilst forgetting the daily monotonous routines.