The Never Ending Spiral

Posted On: 2019-12-19 05:33 AM

The Never Ending Spiral

All of us must have experienced an urge to munch on something while sipping a cup of hot tea or coffee. While on a journey, be it on a train, bus or even an airplane, we keep looking at our watches, hoping the time would fly by. It is during these moments that we reach into our bag to get that packet of snack we knew that we have stored or in the absence of this, we are tempted to pick up something from a vendor at the station or from the flight attendant who comes by with the cart of food. 

While there are many snacks that are popular, one that is an eternal favorite amongst the young and old alike is the Chakli (in North India) or Muruku (in South India). It is a crunchy snack that is made from rice flour, black gram, spices and sesame seeds. Chakli or Muruku is traditionally made in the shape of a spiral by using an extruder; however, it is not uncommon to find Chakli or Muruku in long strips akin to cheese straws.

There are many variations of this snack depending on the ingredients. Butter chakli/muruku has more butter and ragi chakli/muruku uses millet flour instead of rice flour. Cheese chakli/muruu has shredded cheese mixed into the dough and achi muruku is a popular variation in south India that has the shape of a flower.

Sometimes, the spiral shape of chakli/muruku is got not by using an extruder, but by hand rolling the dough into a thin string and making the spiral shape. This is known as Kai Muruku and is very popular in Tamil Nadu.

Call it Chakli, call it muruku or call it by any other name; the delicious taste remains the same. This snack is so addictive that one has to try really hard to stop eating, no wonder it is known as the Never Ending Spiral! 

The shape may be round or may be long

With a bite of this treat, you cannot go wrong

Known as Chakli in the north and Muruku in the south

No one really cares as it goes into the mouth

A dough from rice and black gram flours is made

Cummin, chilli powder and salt increases the taste grade

A hand extruder is used to get the familiar texture and coil

These are then individually fried in hot oil

Many variations of this popular snack can be found

Modern flavours such as Chinese are starting to astound

Beer does not taste the same, neither does tea

Without this snack, even one's travel seems empty

We're sure that after reading this short posting, you must be either munching on this popular snack or must be wondering how to satisfy the craving!