Top 5 Types Of Namkeens To Relish At Tea-Time

Posted On: 2021-09-16 06:49 AM

Top 5 Types Of Namkeens To Relish At Tea-Time

Snack is a smaller portion of food when compared to our regular meal that is consumed between meals. Nutritious and wholesome snack foods are followed by all of us to maintain not only weight but also overall health. Evening snacks and tea-time is embraced not only in India but in many countries globally. There are many lip-smacking foods when it is a matter of namkeen and many of us have a habit of eating nourishing and healthy snacks as it helps to be energetic and stay active throughout the day.


For all those health-conscious snack lovers let's quickly glance the Top 5 Types of Namkeens To Relish 

Roasted Soya Bean:

    This crunchy snack is made from soybeans of high quality. These snacks are rich in isoflavones, fatty acids, plant protein, and fibre which are all nutrients that contribute to weight loss and boosts bone health. You can find many healthy varieties in these roasted soybeans such as chatpata masala, lemon, garlic, pudina, tomato hing, and salted roasted soybeans online to just name a few. Consuming soya for your evening snack is one of the best ways to be healthy and to crave your evening hunger. 

Kerala Banana Chips:

    This ethnic Kerala snack is widely used globally and also used in onam lunch celebrations. This healthy and unique snack is the favourite for many of us and we can call it the taste of kerala. The raw bananas are speed fried in pure coconut oil and this flavour of kerala chips is so tempting that it is very difficult to stop eating more. There are many varieties of kerala banana chips such as nendran banana chips , jaggery banana chips, tomato banana chips, black pepper banana chips, chilli banana chips to name a few. The unique taste of the kerala banana chips makes no match with other banana chips. 


    Khakhra is a thin cracker that is made from wheat flour, mat-bean and oil and is  famous throughout India and most common in Gujarat. It is a crunchy, crispy flavoured and healthy snack full of nutritional values There are many varieties of Khakhra such as cheese khakhra, palak (spinach) khakhra, methi khakra, pani puri khakhra, vada pav khakhra, pav bhaji khakhra, jeera khakhra, ajwain khakhra, sandwich khakhra, and manchurian khakhra. Khakhra are normally relished with peanut chutney powder, spicy pickles, and sweet chutneys.


    Bhakarawadi is a traditional snack that is crispy, sweet, and spicy and one of the popular snacks in Maharashtra and western states of Gujarat in India. This tasty snack is made from gram flour dough that is stuffed with a combination of coconut sesame and poppy seeds. There are many varieties you can taste such as Pune bhakarwadi and mini bhakarwadi that are more popular.



        Murukku is a crunchy and savoury snack of the Indian subcontinent. This snack is popular in the states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra pradesh, Kerala, and Karnataka. Urad dal flour, cumin or sesame seeds and rice flour are the main ingredients that are deep-fried in vegetable oil. Murukku is also known as chakli and chakinalu. Murukku is a healthy tea time snacks India You can find butter murukku, onion murukku, achu murukku, ragi murukku and cheese murukku.


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