Top 6 Most Popular & Mouth-Watering Sweets In India

Posted On: 2021-10-13 10:03 AM

Top 6 Most Popular & Mouth-Watering Sweets In India

In India, sweets popularly known as mithai by name are an integral part of Indian cuisine that is consumed on all occasions such as festivals, celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Sweets are also consumed as an expression of joy or on auspicious occasions. Every one of us likes sweets of our own choice, though there are many popular and different types of sweets in India and the best sweet dishes in India, let us discuss some popular ones. 

Motichoor Laddu

Motichoor Laddu is one of the most popular festive treats. It is a round-shaped sweet made with chickpea flour ghee or oil that is soaked in the sugar syrup. It is one of the favorite food items of many across the world. It is one of the well-known Indian sweets prepared for festivals such as Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, and on many special occasions to share with friends and family. In India, Motichur Laddu is one of the common prasad (offerings to God). The word 'Moti' means pearls and 'Chur' means crushing. The place of origin may be from Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is one of the favorite and the traditional dessert loved by all and made on every occasion and festival in India. Many of us opine that this delicious dessert originated from India but it is from Persia. The word 'Gulab' is derived from Persia which means rose water scented syrup. It is prepared with milk solids or soy khoya mixed with flour and made into a dough. Almost all Indian festivals are celebrated with this delicious delight. Some prefer to consume hot Gulab Jamun while some prefer cold. 

Gajar Ka Halwa

Originating from the Indian subcontinent, this popular dish is also known as Gajrela, Gajar Pak, and Carrot Halwa. This popular dessert was introduced during the Mughal period. It is best served with garnishes of pistachios and almonds. In India, the dessert is eaten during all the festivals and on the occasion of Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Eid-al--Fitr, and Diwali. In winter it is mostly served hot and this sweet is a good source of calcium and vitamin A. Main ingredients include milk, carrots, water, ghee, sugar, and khoya.


This Indian sweet dish is usually made with jaggery or sugar milk and rice. Rice may be substituted with one of the following sweet corn vermicelli, tapioca, millet, bulgur wheat, and daals. Kheer is made in India for almost all celebrations and festivals. Raisins and nuts like almonds, cashews, and pistachios are also used. Vegans use almond and coconut milk and it is also known as payasam that is considered good for health.


This yummy sweet and healthy dish is made with cottage cheese and is full of carbs, protein, calcium and Vitamin D, and other nutritional value. There are two types of Rasgullas namely Bengali Rasgulla and Odiya Rasgulla and these tiny juicy balls are delicious, addictive, and made during festive times. Rasgulla is juicy, spongy, and this soft sweet is made by curdling the milk and draining the whey. Milk solids are made into balls to cook in the hot sugar syrup.


Jalebi is one of the popular Indian sweet snacks that is made by frying the maida flour and soaking in the sugar syrup. This famous dessert originated in Iran and is usually served cold or warm. Usually crunchy, crisp, and juicy jalebi is eaten with rabri or curd. Hot jalebi with a glass of milk is one of the favorite breakfast meals in some towns of India such as Indore and Haridwar. There are many variants of Jalebi in India such as Khowa jalebi of Hyderabad, Jhangiri of Andhra Pradesh, and Jaleba from Indore to name a few.

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