Ugadi Introduces a Fresh Start

Posted On: 2022-04-05 05:24 AM

Ugadi Introduces a Fresh Start

The festival of Ugadi/Yugadi is referred to as the "new beginning". In the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka, Ugadi/Yugadi is celebrated as New Year in accordance to the Hindu calendar.

The day is also known as Chaitra Sudhha Padyami in the Hindu lunar calendar. The meaning of this festival is hidden in its name: 'yug' means era and 'adi' means new beginning. It is also believed that Ugadi commemorates the day when Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe, began creating the universe.

People express their joy on the first day of the new year by wearing new clothes and eating Ugadi Pachadi/Bevu Bella and other delectable dishes.


Ugadi preparations begin almost a week in advance, with people decorating their homes with raw mango leaves and flowers.


They even draw beautiful rangolis at the entrance of their homes. On the festival day, everyone takes a ritual shower, dresses up in new clothes, and goes to the temple in the morning hours to receive the blessings of the Almighty. Following the prayers, a specific dish called ‘Ugadi Pachadi or Bevu Bella is eaten. The dish is made from neem leaves, coconut, jaggery, green chili, pepper, salt and raw mango, or tamarind. These unique ingredients have different flavors from sweet to bitter, from sour to spicy, which signify different emotions, experiences, and phases of life that one has to go through in life and accept them.


At the end of the prayers, all family members gather to share their happiness and celebrate the festival together. Every family celebrates Ugadi in their special way. Yet the most common way is the prediction of the future. The Panchangam that details the future for the next one year for each sun is commonly purchased by all. The Panchangam is then used in a puja.  The usual practice is that the priest or the elderly member of family reads it aloud for everyone.


A festival family gathering necessitates a plethora of mouth-watering sweets and namkeens. This is what makes Indian festivals so entertaining. Everyone gathers to celebrate, eats together, and creates memories together. Moong Dal Payasam, Mysore Pak, Semiya Payasam, Dry fruits Kesari, and many more sweets are quite famous on Ugadi/Yugadi day. These sweets and namkeens are infused with love, blessings, and family memories. Those who miss the festival's warmth, don't worry, has you covered... There is a large selection of sweets and namkeens that have the authentic flavors of home.


Have a wonderful Ugadi with your loved ones!