Vegan Indian Namkeen and Vegan Indian Snacks

Posted On: 2021-03-02 11:18 AM

Vegan Indian Namkeen and Vegan Indian Snacks

Namkeen and snacks in India have been traditionally made from plant-based ingredients - wheat flour, chickpea flour, millet flour, shortening, spices, nuts and seeds. These are either fried in vegetable oil or baked; in almost all cases, no milk product or derivative is used for as shortening or for frying.


Namkeen and Snacks are Naturally Vegan


Namkeen and snacks in India have always been naturally Vegan Friendly and suitable for those who follow a Vegan way of life. There was a time when it was difficult to explain to someone at the local sweet store what one was looking for; not anymore. With international exposure and the spread of Internet, people in India are well informed about Vegan diet and the benefits of turning Vegan. In fact, there are many specialized products that cater to this fast growing segment of the population.


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No Premium Pricing for Vegan Products


Unlike others who take advantage of someone’s diet restrictions and charge a premium, does not charge anything extra for Vegan products online. You will pay the regular price for Vegan namkeen and Vegan snacks; it is the way an honest business should operate.