What's Special About Regional Special Namkeens?

Posted On: 2023-02-02 02:56 AM

What's Special About Regional Special Namkeens?

India is famous for its cultural diversity. Drive 100 miles in any part of India, you will find a different culture. And, a major part of Indian culture is their food. Hundreds of Indian citifies, towns, and villages are recognized for their food. In every food department right from sweets to namkeens, diversity is amazing. If you talk only about namkeens or popular snacks in India, try will find hundreds of options with different compositions, preparations, and tastes. India’s cuisine is highly influenced by culture and tradition. In different departments of namkeens, the cultural diversity is distinct. If you want to know the features of Indian cuisine, namkeens should come right after Indian sweets.

Let’s see some regional specialties in namkeens:

·      Sev

The crispy and spicy savoury made with gram, flour, and a few Indian spices has its origin in North India. This almost looks like fried noodles but is quite different from that. The origin of sev is North India. Go to any household in Delhi, Punjab, Rajasthan, or UP, you will be served tea with sev. However, this namkeen variety is now available all over the country. On, you can find several brands of sev.

·      Murukku

If you are in Tamil Nadu, never forget to buy a pack of murukku. Made of rice flour, urad dal, and beans, this spiral-shaped namkeen is famous across the country now. At first, fried in oil, and then the nibbles are spiced with cumin, onion, and red chili.

·      Khakhra

This Gujarati snack may look like a transformation of flatbread but it is something more. It is made of wheat flour, mat bean, and oil. To make it tasty several types of spices are added. On, you can find several brands of khankra.

·      Banana chips

Chips are popular worldwide including in India. These are mostly potato chips. But, banana chips are widely popular in India whose origin could be traced back to Kerala. As such, it is a South Indian variety of famous Indian namkeens. Banana chips are prepared with a special type of bananas and coconut oil.

·      Samosa

Samosa is perhaps the most popular Indian snack available in different tastes in different across the country. Whether you are in Kolkata or Mumbai, you can relish this savoury with specially prepared sauces or with tea or coffee. Samosas are also sold in the dried form online. You can buy branded samosa online on

Besides, hundreds of other qualities of regional special namkees are available across the country today. Madras mixture. Thattais, Gathia, Bhujia, Ghee Matri, Gavvalu Karam, Khatta Mitha Chanavu, and many other namkeens are hugely popular among Indians. Thanks to the marvelous effort of online marketplaces like  

·      Regional special namkeens are made with regional special food items, oils, and spices.

·      These regional specialties originated at least 200 years ago and some are thousand years old.

·      Once the regional specialties in namkeens were homemade but now top namkeen makers are preparing them in factories.

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