Why are people buying Kerala Banana chips online?

Posted On: 2022-12-01 06:19 AM

Why are people buying Kerala Banana chips online?

Nearly every person in India is well-acquainted with the coconut-like taste and crunchy texture of Kerala banana chips. Though some people hold the opinion that people must not consume these chips daily, they fail to keep themselves away from these super tasty snacks. According to many people, this specific variety of chips turns out to be a healthier substitute for regular snacks. The good thing is people can munch on these chips when they feel hungry.

As these chips are very tasty, people can’t help but keep on munching them. The Kerala banana chips are fried-and-dried fine slices of bananas, and before they are fried, the banana slices are fried. Again, they get coated with salt, sugar syrup, and a few spices which end up improving the taste of these chips.

The history

An exclusive variation of bananas, known as Nendran is used for preparing genuine Kerala-style banana chips. Nendran grows in Kerala and it is regarded as the “King of Bananas” as these bananas have long-built, thick flash and excellent nutritional benefits. Due to these features, these bananas are hugely popular. They are also prevalent for their prebiotic aspects. People love to eat these chips as they are crafted carefully and found in many exciting flavors. Hence, they become successful in providing a higher-quality snacking experience to people whenever they munch on them.

Are Kerala-style banana chips healthy?

Kerala-style banana chips are healthy because of the components present in them. People find them to be healthy and quick snacks. Hence, when people feel less energized and require fast refueling, they get to these chips. People also love to have these chips after they go through a rigorous workout session. However, in this regard, people need to keep in mind that banana chips can’t work as an alternative to a banana as fruits tend to be healthier all the time. But the fortunate thing is banana chips are always better compared to potato chips as the latter have higher salt content.

The uses of Kerala banana chips

Commonly, people eat Kerala banana chips in the form of a starter and they become the center of attraction because they look terrific when they are assembled in one plantain leaf. You will find these chips all the time though Keralean people prefer to have these chips at some festivals, such as Vishu, Onam, etc.

These chips are sliced perfectly utilizing a machine and it ensures that the thickness and taste are consistent in these chips. 

Buying options

You can buy the finest Kerala banana chips online on at reasonable prices. The handmade banana chips from Thiruvananthapuram or packed banana chips from Alappuzha are sure to make you happy. brings the best banana chips from the best manufacturers in the country. This is a pure vegetarian product. The website would ship the product fresh to people’s doorstep from the place of their origin directly. It will be a different experience for you.