Almond House

    Almond House Hyderabad

    An intense research for a period of nine months matched with a little bit of an impulse resulted in the birth of Almond House towards the end of 1989. Consumer satisfaction being the primary goal and also giving high regard to the implied trust place by them in terms of purity, taste, hygiene and health enabled them to state the objective in the form of the credo “ Purity in Good Taste and Purity in Good Will”. A quarter of a century forward and Almond House has gained synonymity with purity, in good taste and in good will. For the founders, Almond House is our labor of love. They have taken traditional sweetmeat shops to a whole new level… a little less sweet and a bit more sophisticated. Presentation, style, and flavor are what have set Almond house apart. Hyderabadis pamper them with their patronage, they in turn dutifully sweeten their lives wisely. You can order Almond House products such as fresh sweets, namkeen, karam and cookies on Mirchi.com, shipped directly from Almond House, Hyderabad.
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