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    Bikanervala New delhi

    Bikanervala's history traces back to 1950, when two brothers came to Delhi from Bikaner in Rajasthan and opened the first little shop in Chandni Chowk, Delhi. With nothing more than a commitment to make the best traditional sweets and snacks at the highest quality, Bikanerwala has firmly established itself as a formidable brand not just in the sweet industry, but in the hospitality industry as well. Today, Bikanervala operates over 55 outlets across multiple countries and continues to make the same great products with the same passion as it did when they opened their first shop. You can buy the best During their rule in India, the Dutch had established a warehouse in Surat, employing five Parsee gentlemen who baked bread. When they left India, the Dutch handed over the operation to Faramji Pestonji Dotivala who continued to make and sell bread to the locals. When business started slowing down, Mr. Dotivala found unsold bread drying out. Since toddy was used to ferment bread dough those days, the dried bread did not spoil for a long time. This dried bread was sold cheap, but because of its crispness and light texture, they were much sought after. In fact, business in this leftover bread was so good that ovens had to be used to dry fresh bread to meet the demand. This product is made even today and is known as Irani Biscuits. A variation of this biscuit is known as the famous Farmasu Surti Batasa or Butter Biscuits. In early days, the locals in Surat used to make a sweet called "Dal". The folks at Dotivala baked the "Dal" and the now famous Nankhatai was invented. Due to the unavailability of the modern day margarine, pure ghee was used. Dotivala Bakers still make products the old fashioned way using natural ingredients and a lot of care. You can buy the best pure ghee sweets online, namkeen online and other delicacies on, delivered fresh and direct to you from Bikanervala's outlet in Delhi.
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