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    Kandoi Haribhai

    Kandoi Haribhai Mumbai

    Kandoi Haribhai is one of the oldest sweet makers in Mumbai. As a young man, Haribhai Damodar Makwana came to Mumbai with his family from the small town of Morvi in Gujarat in the early 1950's. Together with his son, Purshottamdas, Haribhai started in a small way by selling traditional Gujarati snacks to the local population. Though they were small, they were determined to succeed and the only thing they had apart from their talent was hard work and the zeal to do things differently. Slowly but steadily, the word got around that Haribhai's shop served one of the best tasting snacks and customers started flocking to this quaint shop. Over the years, Kandoi Haribhai Damodar Mithaiwala has become synonymous with products that are of superior quality at an affordable price. What started as a single shop, has grown into four branches in Mumbai that serve delicious sweets and namkeen representing almost all regions of India. Whatever be the occasion, customers ensure they get their sweets from Kandoi Haribhai as they know they cannot go wrong with their choice. Try their products and see for yourself how different Kandoi Haribhai's products really are and don't forget that by ordering on, you will get your sweets and namkeen delivered fresh directly from Kandoi Haribhai's store in Mumbai.
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