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    The development of Sugarless Bliss began in 2001 with teams of expert food technicians, nutritionists and doctors from both India and abroad. The results of this thorough research can be found in the quality of our over 250 Indian sugar free fortified & enriched mithais, cookies, cakes, chocolates, honey and a range of other confectioneries all suitable for diabetics. The confectioneries are low in calories with a low Glycemic Index that help both diabetics & the weight conscious. At Sugarless Bliss we are confident our products are matchless because are dedicated to perfecting exclusively sugar free and vegetarian. Sugarless products employ the right combination of fibers, approved like Splenda and others sweeteners including natural ones that do not lead to a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. Free of transfat and cholesterol the products are all made with your health in mind. Products with balanced healthy oil, sometimes fortified with DHA Omega 3, are used along with highly specialized fibers, essential vitamins and minerals and other fine ingredients which help maintain healthy blood sugar, insulin and cholesterol levels thereby reducing the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Experts overlook the making of these sweets and ensure their perfection in both taste and nourishment. The preparation and the processing of confectioneries and other products are done under the direction of food technicians, using the correct temperatures and the cleanest environment to guarantee products of finest quality. Years of experience, backed by tradition, concern for diabetics and employing the most advanced technology and infrastructure allow Sugarless bliss to deliver consistently delicious and standardized products giving customers the goodness of sugar, without the sugar, in every bite. read more

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