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    The Food Art Factory New delhi

    The origins of The Food Art Factory are humble but this iconic brand has come a long way since then. What started as a small home operation by a mother-daughter team, has grown into a well known brand making delicious chutneys, pickles, preserves and jams. With a loyal clientele that keeps coming back, The Food Art Factory has come this far not just by chance, but it is a testament to their hard work and the determination to do something different. With unique flavours of pickles and jams, The Food Art Factory caters to the ever changing tastes; more so, since most in India are now exposed to the exotic tastes they've acquired by visiting or living in other countries. Their products include mild, hot, tangy and spicy flavours. Using traditional recipes handed down in families, they have provided an innovative twist to these to create create works of art. It's no coincidence that they have named their company The Food Art Factory! You can order original Food Art Factory products on Mirchi.com and have them shipped to your doorstep fresh and direct from Delhi.
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