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    Gajak or Gajjak is a popular seasonal sweet in North India. The primary ingredients in Gajak are seasme seeds and jaggery. The making of Gajak is a time consuming process and needs to have a cool environment, hence it is made during the winter months. Gajak is also consumed during winter since the combination of jaggery and sesame produces heat in the body. Gajak is believed to have originated in Morena, but Meerut, Agra and Delhi are also famous for their Gajak. Butter Scotch Gajak, Coconut Gajak, Flax Seeds Gajak, Strawberry Gajak, Chocolate Gajak, Mixed Fruit Gajak, Dry Fruit Gajak are some of the variants of the traditional Gajak.

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