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    Khakhra is a wafer thin snack that is commonly eaten in India especially as an accompaniment to tea or coffee. Khakhra is actually a thinly rolled tortilla made from wheat flour, oil and other spices. Each Khakhra is hand rolled and roasted over a heated pan to give it that familiar crunchy taste. Khakhra is a popular snack to carry during travel. Though the traditional Khakhra is made from flour and spices, over the years, Khakhra has evolved to include fenugreek, spinach and other exotic flavours. One can find Jeera Khakhra, Methi Khakhra, Palak Khakhra, Cheese Khakhra, Manchurian Khakhra, Ajwain Khakra, Sandwich Khakhra, Pav Bhaji Khakra, Pani Poori Khakhra, Flax Seeds Khakra and Punjabi Khakra. The traditional Khakhra is about 10-12 " in diameter, but these days, one can find smaller and mini variations such as Coin Khakhra, Mobile Khakra and Pocket Khakhra.

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