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    Laddu / Ladoo / Laddoo

    Laddu or or ladoo or laddoo is a round ball shaped sweet that is extremely popular all over India. Laddu is a must during any religious ceremony or social gathering. The primary ingredient in Laddu is flour, shortening (vegetable or ghee) and sugar. The most popular type of Laddu is Motichoor Laddu, but there are many other types of Laddu. The most common ones are Besan Laddu made from chickpea flour, Coconut Laddu made from shredded coconut, Atta Laddu made from wheat flour, Methi Laddu made from fenugreek, Urad Laddu, Gond Laddu made from gum arabic and Rava Laddu made from semolina. Boondi Laddu is a larger form of Motichoor Laddu.

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