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    Murukku is a crunchy, spicy snack that is popular all over India in several forms. Murukku refers to "twisted" in Tamil, which is what the snack looks like. In certain parts of India such as Gujarat and Maharashtra, Murukku is known as Chakli. In Andhra Pradesh, Murukku is known as Chakinalu. Traditionally, Murukku is made from a dough of rice flour and urad dal flour, but chickpea or gram flour is also used. The flours used to make Murukku are kneaded together ...using water, a bit of oil, salt, spices and sesame seeds and extruded into spirals that are then fried in oil. The fried Murukku has the familiar crunch and light orangish color. Kai Murukku is made by hand and Mullu Murukku has small protrusions that look like thorns. These days, one can find Cheese Murukku, Butter Murukku, Onion Murukku, Ragi Murukku and Achu Murukku too.

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