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    Buy fresh dry fruits online on Mirchi.com at the guaranteed lowest price. Buy almonds online, buy cashew nuts online, buy pistachios online, buy black raisins online, all at the guaranteed lowest price for dry fruits.

    How To Select The Right Dry Fruits in India?

    Dry fruits vary in size, color and quality and it is easy to get misled or cheated since most individuals are not expert in buying dry fruits. Often times, shops and super markets charge almost double for sub-standard dry fruits. Here are some guidelines from Mirchi.com for identifying and picking the right dry fruits.

    Dry Fruit Type Popular Country of Origin Quality What Should You Buy?
    Almonds India and USA Small (less than 1"), Medium (1"-1.5"), Large (1.5"-2"); Almonds are available as polished (smooth) or unpolished (with slight dust) Unpolished almonds have a higher oil content but may not be suitable for gift giving due to residue dust in packaging. Almonds from USA are generally larger than the Indian variety. Medium sized almonds are most cost-effective. While buying almonds, make sure that they are of uniform size as it is common for sellers to mix the different sizes and charge for the larger variety. Also, make sure that there are no holes in the Almonds as it could be a sign of contamination by insects.
    Cashews India (Goa, Kerala) W180, W210 and W240 are the most common grades. They refer to the number of cashews in a quantity of 450 grams; if someone says he's selling W180, it means that there must be at least 180 cashews in 450 grams. Cashews are either roasted or boiled while processing - the roasted variety is a bit brownish while the boiled variety is almost white. There's not much difference between cashews that are roasted or boiled, though many prefer the slight crunch of the roasted kind. The W180 grade of cashews is the most expensive and it is not commonly available. If you are buying cashews for gifting, you can buy W240 grade or a blend of W240 and W210 depending on your budget. While buying cashews, make sure you are paying for the correct grade! To be sure that your cashews are fresh, first split the cashew in two and check for black residue inside which is a sign of contamination by insects. The cashew should taste crunchy and not soft.
    Pistachios Iran and USA Pistachios come in Large (18-22 nuts per 28 grams), Medium (24-26 nuts per 28 grams) or Small (32-34 nuts per 28 grams) sizes; salted, unsalted, with and without shell. Iranian pistachios are more plump and slightly yellow than the American variety which is of ivory color. Ripe pistachios are naturally opened on one side and taste better than the unopened ones which are not only inconvenient to open but are also not great in taste. While buying pistachios, make sure that there are very few unopened nuts in the batch. For gifting, the size of pistachios can be medium or a mix of medium and small which will be cost-effective, if you are on a budget. Inspect the nuts first for their appearance (they should be blemish free), then taste them to ensure they are crunchy. Beware of over roasted nuts and also of sellers who mix unopened nuts in the good ones. Taste the pistachio kernel to make sure it is crunchy and not soft.

    Buy Best Dry Fruits From All Over The World on Mirchi.com

    Mirchi.com brings you a wide range of premium dry fruits from all over the world - buy USA almonds online, buy USA and Iranian pistachios online, buy Indian cashews online, buy Middle Eastern dates online, buy USA blueberries and USA cranberries online, buy Afghan raisins online, buy Turkish figs and Turkish apricots online from Turkey and many more. We are also proud to introduce our own brand of hand picked dry fruits, ‘NUTILY’ packed individually for single serving or in shimmering gold food grade cardboard containers for gifting. You can also personalize your gifts yourself on our site by providing your own image and text.

    Simple and Safe Ordering Process, Tamper Proof Shipping

    Mirchi.com guarantees the lowest online prices on dry fruits and provides safe national and international delivery of dry fruits to your doorstep in a tamper proof food grade package. We offer multiple secure payment options through Net Banking, Wallets, Credit Cards or Debit Cards. So go ahead and get the dry fruits you like!

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