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    Safe and Contactless Delivery

    In today’s uncertain environment, when everyone’s is worried about one’s health and the health of their loved ones, it is important and natural to know if what you are buying and getting is safe.

    With the plethora of delivery companies, it is important to associate with the one that follows hygienic procedures for pickup, transport and delivery.

    We use only internationally renowned courier partners such as Blue Dart, DHL and Fedex. These companies ensure that all employees follow internationally accepted Standard Operating Procedures. This ensures that all employees wash and sanitize themselves before the start of a shift. Furthermore, all surfaces that come in contact with anyone, in their warehouse or in their vehicles, are thoroughly sanitized every day. Trained employees wearing protective gear such as masks and gloves keep a distance of at least 2 meters to ensure contactless pickup and delivery.

    Please rest assured that whatever you order is in safe hands, irrespective of the value of your order. It is this passion and our drive for perfection that makes stand out from amongst other online food sites today. If you need any further clarification, please feel free to call us on +91 6302522627 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. We thank you for your business.

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