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    Food Hygiene and Safe Delivery

    In today’s uncertain environment, when everyone’s is worried about one’s health and the health of their loved ones, it is important and natural to know if what you are buying and getting is safe. With so many online options available, you should make an informed decision before placing your order. understands how important safety and well-being is to our customers and hence we have come up with a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for all transactions that we and all our associates – sellers and delivery – follow religiously.

    Though each of our sellers has been carefully checked before listing a single product, in these past few days, we have spoken at length with every seller on our site to ensure that they follow the strictest hygiene at their place of manufacture and sale. All employees at each of our sellers’ premises first get their body temperature taken with a contactless thermal thermometer, then clean themselves thoroughly with soap and water. A liberal dose of sanitizer is applied on the exposed body parts and masks, gloves and hairnets are worn at all times.

    We have always strived to ensure that all our sellers exceed WHO standards in food safety and hygiene. We wish to reassure you that the products you order are prepared and shipped hygienically to your doorstep.

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