AG Taste Handmade Vegetarian Protein Bars Online

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    Delivered By Air From Mohali
    Delivered By Road From Mohali
    Hand Delivered From Mohali
    Product Sold By: AG Taste
    FSSAI: 12115801000338
    Order Fulfilled By: AG Taste
    FSSAI: 12115801000338
    • Weight:
    • 270.00 g
    • Shelf Life:
    • 6 Months
    • Pieces:
    • 6.00 pc
    • Quality(W):
    • Premium Quality
    • Volumetric Charges:
    • 0.00
    • Quantity:
    • (270 g)
    Dietary Information

    • Gluten Free

    • Vegetarian Product

    • Suitable For Vegans
    Allergy Information

    • May Contain Tree Nuts
    Sub Total:
    ₹ 428.57
    CGST @ 6.00% :
    ₹ 25.71
    SGST @ 6.00% :
    ₹ 25.71
    Your Product Price:
    ₹ 480.00
    • ₹ 480.00

    Buy best Handmade Vegetarian Protein Bars online from AG Taste at the lowest price on Mirchi.com. This Handmade Vegetarian Protein Bars is Gluten Free, Vegetarian Product and Suitable For Vegans. Your Handmade Vegetarian Protein Bars will be shipped fresh to your doorstep directly from the place of origin, AG Taste's store at Mohali.

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