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    Living outside of India, you must be aware of the quality of sweets that are available. Often times, Indian stores buy bulk trays of Indian sweets, put them in freezers and take them out to thaw before they are sold. One can only imagine how these would taste; sometimes, this is the best and in many cases, the only choice available. For pickles and podi powders, one has to be content with the usual store bought products that are already a few months old before they are put on the shelves.

    Freshly Made and Packed Indian Sweets, Snacks and Andhra Podi Powders from Mirchi.com Direct From India

    Mirchi.com has a better idea to allow you to enjoy fresh Indian sweets, snacks, pickles and podi powders without leaving your home. We deliver your choice of quality products that are packed FRESH when you order. One bite on a sweet or a taste of tangy pickle or podi, and you’ll become nostalgic about the time you spent with your loved ones in India. Order on Mirchi.com and see how different we really are!

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