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    A brownie is actually a sheet cookie, baked in the form of a square or rectangle. Brownies can be like a fudge or a cake, depending on whether it is light or dense. Brownies are usually made of chocolate and can include nuts. In India, bakers have replaced eggs to make Eggless Brownies to cater to the local population who do not eat eggs. These days, it is common to see many types of Brownies, other than the traditional chocolate brownie. Cheesecake Brownie, Coffee Brownie, Nutella Brownie, High Protein Brownie, Low Carb Brownie, Marble Brownie, Orange Brownie, Oreo Cookie Brownie, Peanut Butter Brownie, Red Velvet Brownie, Rum Raisin Brownie, White Chocolate Brownie are some of the available Brownies available.

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