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    Buy Personalized Sweets, Dry fruits Gift Boxes Online for Weddings

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    Personalized Indian Sweet Gift Boxes for Weddings

    Buy or gift premium personalized wedding sweet gift boxes, buy personalized dry fruits wedding gift boxes, buy personalized sweet and namkeen gift boxes for weddings and buy sweets and dry fruits gift boxes for weddings. All personalized gift boxes for weddings are at the guaranteed lowest prices online. You can also customize and personalize wedding welcome snack boxes online on

    With a few clicks, you can order sweets online, order dry fruits online and order welcome snack boxes online for your various wedding functions and guests and personalize them with your own image and text. We’ll ship them to you at a very affordable price. All our products are traditional and freshly made. You can also send a card to each of your guests along with your gift box. It cannot get any easier than this, can it?

    Wedding Gifting During Covid-19

    Realizing that it's not possible for more than a certain number of individuals to attend a wedding celebration during these time, allows you to have a personalized gift delivered to each of your loved ones at his or her home safely, in a tamper proof package, with a special wedding card or thank you card. Your wedding gift will have the images of the bride, bridegroom and your family name on the cover.

    Personalized Indian Sweet Gift Boxes for Sangeet, Bhaat, Phere and Bidai

    Indian weddings are known the world over for their decoration, clothes, dances and gifts. Preparations for a wedding start many months before; announcements have to be made; wedding cards have to be distributed and shopping has to be completed on time. Indian weddings comprise of many small functions such as engagement, sangeet, bhaat, phere and bidai, each of entails the exchange of a given number of sweets gift boxes between the two families.

    Personalized Wedding Welcome Snack Box

    It customary to keep a welcome box of snacks in the rooms of guests that they can enjoy when they want to; make them feel how much you appreciate their attendance.

    Attractive Food Grade Gold Embossed Boxes

    All our shiny gold finish gift boxes are food grade, are micro embossed and are 100% recyclable so they are easy on the environment. We also guarantee the lowest prices online.

    Things to Look For While Buying Indian Wedding Gift Boxes

    While everyone wants to celebrate a wedding in the family on a grand scale, not everyone has the means to do so. Most weddings these days in India are on a strict budget which means that one has to get the most for the money they spend. Here are some guidelines from for buying the best and most affordable wedding gifts for your guests.

    Wedding Gift Items Quality Packaging Cost
    Sweets and Namkeen Must be fresh and made in pure Ghee; sweets should break on touch and namkeen should not soil a paper napkin Box must be attractive, personalized with the image of couple, must be food grade and should not smell Check the total price (product + packing + shipping)
    Dry Fruits Must be crunchy, ideally, cashews should be at W210 grade, almost white, almonds must be 1" long and plump and pistachios must be 1/2" long with 95% open. Inner packaging must be food grade plastic Make sure price is for the quality shown
    Welcome Snack Box Individual products must be made and packed fresh, not store bought Outer and Inner packaging must be food grade with a personalized thank you card Check the total price (product + packing + shipping)

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