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    Panchi Petha Plain Dry Petha Online

    Freshly delivered direct from Panchi Petha store at Agra (Uttar Pradesh)

    Gluten Free
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    What's Special About Panchi Petha?
    Panchhi Petha or Panchi Petha in Agra is famous for its range of delicious Petha and Dalmoth. Panchhi Petha is one of the 'must-visit' places for tourists and visitors for Petha in Agra.
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    Main Ingredients: Sugar, Petha (Ash Gourd), Rose Water, Cardamom

    Optional Ingredients: Kesar (Saffron), Pistachios

    This translucent sweet is said to have originated during the reign of Shah Jahan, the Mughal Emperor. It is a concoction of sugar and Ash Gourd, a vegetable known as Petha in Hindi, hence its name. Petha is synonymous with the city of Agra and while almost every confectioner carries it, the Petha originating in Agra is allowed to carry the Geographic Indication label certifying its origin. While there are many variations of this delicacy, including Angoori Petha, Kesar Petha and Coconut Petha, it is the original variety that is still the most popular amongst sweet lovers. Ash Gourd is peeled, deseeded, cut into small pieces and pricked with a pin all over. These are soaked in a solution of lime (calcium carbide) and water for a few hours, removed and rinsed thoroughly. A thick sugar syrup is prepared by dissolving sugar in water with a bit of rose water and cardamom powder. The cooked Ash Gourd is added to the syrup, cooked for a few minutes and taken out. As the Ash Gourd cools, the sugar makes it hard from outside, while it still remains moist and soft from inside. In the case of Angoori Petha, it is served with a little syrup.

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