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    Prawn Pickle

    Buy spicy prawn pickle online on Mirchi.com. Choose from Andhra Prawn Pickle, Goa Prawn Pickle and Kerala Prawn Pickle. Mirchi.com has a great selection of Prawn Pickles all at the lowest prices online. You can find a large selection of spicy Prawn pickles on Mirchi.com from all over India. Check out our selection, compare our prices and see for yourself how different Mirchi.com really is!

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    Spicy Prawn pickles are an integral part of the coastal Indian cuisine. Many people are surprised when they are told that India is home to a variety of seafood pickles such as Prawn Pickle. Regions along the coast such as Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Maharashtra and Orissa have their own versions of Prawn Pickle. You can buy a variety of Prawn pickles online including homemade Prawn pickles that have been made by talented homemakers. All Prawn pickles available on our site are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and the lowest price. So go ahead and order best Prawn pickles from the region of your choice!

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