Nutily Dry Fruit Gift

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    • Nuts - Mixed Nuts - Plain
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    • 6 Months
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    • Cardboard Container
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    • (400 g)
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    Tired of paying a high price for a low quality product? You're not alone! During the festive season, we all send dry fruits as gifts to our loved ones and friends that we pick up from vendors often at a very high price. The boxes the dry fruits are packed in look big from the outside and are not made from food grade material; the quantity of dry fruits is often less than 200 grams. Moreover, the quality of dry fruits is a lot to be desired and often times, they are packed months in advance, rendering them stale. Nutily, is a dry fruit brand that has been created by Mirchi.com specially for gifting; we have done away with smelly boxes and have designed a gold paper container using food grade paper board. The container is aesthetically embossed with a floral pattern that the person gifting will love to give someone and the person receiving will feel good to hold. Our dry fruits are packed in batches in our own premises; you can be sure they are not more than a week old in the container. Each container contains 100 grams each of selected top-grade cashews, pistachios, almonds and raisins. They are first sealed in plastic and then placed in shimmering gold potli's to add to the glamour. We have priced our dry fruit gift very attractively to enable everyone to be able to afford it. Thinking of sending gifts to others? Select the quantity, upload or enter the addresses of your recipients and we'll ship them on your behalf at no extra cost! It cannot get any better than this can it? For a great product at an honest price, trust Nutly! Contents : 100g each of cashews, pistachios, almonds and raisins

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