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    Snack Bars Online

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Unlike other sites, every product on Mirchi.com is listed with written permission from the seller. Moreover, your order is shipped directly from the seller’s place of business so you can rest assured that you have received a genuine product.

    We do not stock any product; every product listed on our site, that you order, is shipped directly from its place of origin by the seller to your doorstep to ensure freshness.

    We offer an extensive range of freshly made snack bars in many different flavors to cater to every taste. Fruit based bars, seed based bars, grain based bars and cereal bars.

    All snack bars listed on our site are from quality sellers, well known in their geographical region. snack bars are prepared from handpicked premium quality ingredients using unique recipes and are freshly packed and shipped to you only when your order is received.

    We do not set the price of any product on Mirchi.com. The sellers themselves give the prices, you see, to us. We are one of the very few online sites that clearly mention the price of the product and the shipping cost (if any) so that you can make an informed decision.

    Yes, snack bars are shipped international to many countries using internationally renowned courier companies. The product detail page will indicate if international shipping is available. Customers ordering from outside India can use Paypal to pay in the currency of their choice.

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