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    Mathri or Mathi can be referred to as a flaky salted biscuit. Mathri is believed to have originated in the Indian state of Rajasthan but is now available all over the country. The primary ingredients in Mathri are flour, water, oil and cumin seeds. The dough is rolled into small flat discs and fried which gives Mathri the flaky texture and crunchy taste. Mathri is usually smeared with pickle or coriander chutney and enjoyed with a cup of coffee or tea. Mathri is also a fav...ourite snack to take along on trips. Many flavours of Mathri are now available. Achari Mathri, Feeki Mathri (without salt), Lachchi Mathri, Masala Mathri, Methi Mathri, Khasta Mathri, Palak Mathri, Tikoni Mathri (triangle shaped) are some of the popular flavours. A sweet variation of Mathri is also made that uses Jaggery or sugar as one of the ingredients.

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