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    Nankhatai is actually a type of shortbread with a taste adapted for the Indian palate. Nankhatai is a combination of two Persian words - Nan meaning bread and Khatai meaning biscuit. Nankhatai is said to have originated in the Indian city of Surat. The primary ingredients in Nankhatai are all purpose flour, sugar and cardamon. Though Nankhatai from Surat is still famous, Nankhatai from other regions in India are also equally popular. It is not uncommon to see small bakeries baking and selling Nankhatai. In fact, some of the small pushcart vendors also sell Nankhatai using an improvised coal oven. The uniqueness of Nankhatai is that it has a solid exterior but the inside is a bit hollow. Whole wheat Nankhatai, Dry Fruit Nankhatai and Pure Ghee Nankhatai are some of the other types of Nankhatai that one can buy.

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